Platinum Clubs of America ®

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2009 Platinum Club Brochure
The handsome official announcement brochure that celebrates America's 235 most highly regarded private clubs. Six categories of clubs are ranked and named: country clubs, golf clubs, city/dining clubs, athletic, yacht clubs, and residential communities. Includes a section describing "what makes a club Platinum". 12 pages

Pricing: 15 (minimum order) $60.00

16 to 30 $3.75 each

31 to 60 $3.50 each

61 to 100 $3.25 each

101 to 500 $3.00 each

501 to 999 $2.75 each

1000 or more Call for Pricing


2009 Platinum Club Nominations Brochure
New in 2009, the first complete break-out that provides alphabetical listings of all clubs nominated and their actual point totals in the six categories of "Platinum Clubs." Spiral bound. 26 pages.

$50 each

Cherry Perpetual Panel
The Cherry Perpetual Panel, specially crafted and designed by Heritage
Creations, will showcase your club’s Platinum status with “attention
grabbing” distinction. This is an elegant solid cherry panel with the three
dimensional Platinum Club logo and solid brass plates to indicate all the
years your club has earned the title, Platinum Club of America. Heritage
Creations will personalize all engraving according to your instruction.

Item # PCOAI $2995
Dimensions: 18 1/2" x 25 1/2"


Shadowbox Award
Mahogany shadowbox with three dimensional logo and personalized engraved
brass plate.

Exquisite mahogany frame with white matting and two boxes. One box is to
display the Platinum Club logo and the other can be used to personalize the award.
The club name, club logo, General Manager name, and/or your Board President
name can be chosen to engrave on this classic brass plate. Another possibility is to
display the Platinum Club certificate, or, as shown here, the personal letter of
congratulations to the club on achieving the Platinum Club award. This unique
frame allows the recipient several options to display and could be used differently
each time the club is a winner of the award. This has been our most popular of the
Personal Recognition products.

Item # PCOA4 $695
Dimensions: 20" x 13"

Large Engraved Award
The Large Engraved Award, with a beautiful beaded cherry frame,
stately one color engraving of the Platinum Club logo and crest against
a white matted background, stands out as a proud reminder of this club
achievement. The brass plate, framed in black, can be engraved for
personalized recognition.
Item # PCOA5 $295
Dimensions: 10" x 13", white matting,
Shadowbox Award (No Mat)
The Shadowbox Award, by Heritage Creations, is handcrafted
mahogany with a brass plate that can be engraved and personalized with
the club name, General Manager name, year of award, or with other
customized information to show off your Platinum status with class
and style.
Item # PCOA6 $525
Dimensions: 12" x 16", without a mat,
3-D logo and personalized engraved brass plate.
Desktop Award
The Desktop Award was created by Heritage with a customized circular
mahogany base displaying a three dimensional logo and a personalized
brass plate. Perfect for placing on both a desktop or a trophy case, this
versatile award is a permanent reminder of Platinum Club status.
Item # PCOA7 $375
Dimensions: 8" x 9"
Mahogany base, three-dimensional logo, and a personalized brass plate.


Optical Crystal Victory Awards
Optical Crystal, has its origins in the optical industry-years ago when eyeglasses were made from glass. This lead free crystal is produced from glass that is put under immense pressure to remove any natural imperfections in the glass. The process also creates a much harder product than full lead crystal which makes it perfect for beautiful recognition products. This
award is ideal for the Director’s desktop. The Platinum Club logo fills the center of the circular piece leaving the base for club or individual recognition.
Item # PCOA8 $250
Dimensions: 5" Dia x 6"H x 2 1/2"D
Base imprint area: 2 1/4”w x5/8”h

Price includes etch location.


Optical Crystal Diamond Cube with Black Glass Base
This beautiful diamond cube features the
Platinum Club logo etched into the rear of the cube for an impressive
optical effect. There is plenty of space on the front of the cube to add personal or
club recognition.
Item # PCOA9 $215
Crystal Diamond Cube:
3 " Sq. x 3" H, Weight: 1 lb.
Imprint area: 3"W x 3" H

No base

Jade Crystal Prestige Awards with Glass Bases
This prestigious glass trophy features the Platinum Club logo
prominently and the one-color etching stands out on the thick jade
glass. Personal and/or club recognition can also be etched on the base or
on the spacious glass area below the logo.
Item # PCOA10 $425
7" W x 8 1/2" H x 3" D, Weight: 4 lbs.
Base imprint area: 4" W x 1/2" H


Ebonite Duet Echo Award
This beautifully shaped, thick glass award features a shaded area on the
side and a large etch area that clearly shows off the Platinum Club logo
and your club or individual name. Award is fixed on a thick black ebonite
Item # PCOA11 $400
Dimensions: 7" H x 12 1/2" W x 3" D
Shipping weight: 4 lb. Gift boxed.

Marble Merit Series Award
This statuesque, weighty award is pure marble, colored emerald green
with lighter shades mixed in give this award a classy look. The Platinum
Club logo is etched in white and prominently stands out. Your club or individual name fits nicely below that.

Item# PCOA12 $150
Dimensions: 3" W x 10" H, Weight: 6 lbs.
Imprint area: 2" W x 1" H

Lapel Pin
1" round Cloisonne lapel pin with a three-color imprint. Perfect for
the entire staff to proudly wear as part of their club uniform. Cloisonne
finish impressively shows off the Platinum Club distinction. This has
been the most popular Platinum Club recognition product.
Item # PCOA13
Dimension: 1" diameter with four-color Platinum Club logo
10 (minimum order) $75.00
11 to 25 $6.50 each
26 to 50 $6.00 each
51 to 100 $5.50 each
101 or more call for pricing

Platinum Club Recognition Embossed Seals
Classy self-adhesive embossed Platinum Club seals. Silver with black
print. Perfect for important member communication. Available in rolls
of 1,000.

Item # PCOA14 $200 per roll, plus $20 per roll shipping
Dimensions: Round, 1 1/2" diameter.
Platinum Club logo is embossed and raised.


Platinum (Silver) Coasters
Perfect for the executive office, this weighty round beverage coaster
features a stainless steel zinc silver frame with a silver Platinum Club
medallion in the center surrounded by a black leather interior. Beverages
rest on a cushiony cork base. An impressive addition to any desk set and a set
of these coasters is ideal for any club boardroom. Manufactured in the
United States from molded zinc and bonded leather. Also available as a
set of four with an attractive wood tray.
Item # PCOA14 (4 minimum) $25 ea.
Dimensions: Round, 3 1/2" diameter.
Logo is engraved and raised silver, 1 1/2" diameter.
Item # PCOA15 $150
Set of four with wood tray.

Plastic Stirrer CLOSE OUT
Crystal plastic six inch swizzle stick with disc on top and rounded bottom. The perfect
addition to high ball glasses or larger cocktail glasses. Circular
disc features a one-color Platinum Club imprint.
Item # PCOA16 $35 for box of 500
Dimensions: Six inches long with flat base, rounded bottom end and
disc on top. Disc is 1 1/4" in diameter. Minimum order 500.

Plastic Pick CLOSE OUT
Crystal plastic four inch “pick” with tapered base and disc on top. Pefect for club martini's and other smaller cocktail glasses. Disc features silver Platinum Club imprint on one side.
Item # PCOA17 $25 for box of 500
Dimensions: Four inches long with tapered base and disc on top.
Disc is 7/8" in diameter. Minimum order 500.